These days there are many things to take up your leisure time and so people do not learn to knit like they used to. However, there are still many diehard fans of knitting, but these craftspeople cannot always find the supplies that they need. Some major retailers do carry generic wool but if you want something a little different – and what knitter doesn’t – then you need to go to a specialist wool shop.,These seem to be few and far between, but you may be able to find some online and this will make your shopping a great deal easier. Shopping online may save you travelling to a distant town or suburb and you will be able to get your purchase straight to your doorstep within a few days, all with no effort from you. A good online knitting shop will have more than just different types of wool, as important as that is.,You will want many different sizes of needles to knit your garments and of course you will also need patterns. Few knitters will even consider trying to knit a garment without a pattern, no matter how experienced they are. Beanies and scarves are the easiest things to knit, but if you have never done a beanie you won’t realise just how easy it is. Once you have done one, you will probably be able to do others without a pattern, but if you change the size a pattern will make it easier.,However, if you want to incorporate some kind of pattern into your knitting you will certainly need to find a pattern for it. And if your knitting wool is of a different ply then that too, will mean a change in the number of stitches you will need to get a specific size. So you really do need that pattern.,Once you know where to get all your kitting supplies you will be able to plan what beautiful shawls, jumpers and other garment you will knit. It is good to get in before the cold weather hits as that will ensure you can start knitting just when the urge hits you – usually in the cooler months. But now there is so much air conditioning, many people are happy to knit throughout the warmer months as well.,You can also knit toys for the grandchildren as most littles love a cuddly hand knitted doll or bear to take to bed. Once you become skilled at knitting you will always have something of interest to do and that will be far more satisfying than watching a boring show on television.,