A 3D pen is much like an ordinary pen, but a lot bulkier and uses plastic instead of ink or lead. The 3D pen is built with special heating technology that creates enough heat to turn the plastic into a liquid material. Once the plastic is in liquid form, it is possible to start drawing and creating a preferred design.,What do they design?,It is possible to get very creative with the 3D pen because you have the option to create an endless number of designs. However, it is worth noting the finished hand-drawn design will not be as professional or solid as those created by a 3D printer.,The 3D pen can be used to create new objects such as a statue, toy, or piece of jewelry. Plus, they are a practical option to update existing items, such as a cell phone case that has gone out of fashion. A further use is the ability to use the heated plastic to mend broken kitchen objects or similar items. For the most adventurous and skilled user, it may even be possible to create a replica of a well-known landmark such as the Eiffel Tower.,What you need to know,Even though the 3D pen is a type of toy it is still important to handle it with care and avoid misuse. The plastic filament inside the pen is heated to a very high temperature to ensure it is pliable and soft for drawing. So, it is necessary to avoid getting any of the plastic on the fingers. They are safe to use by children, but it is still worthwhile giving appropriate supervision to minimize the risk of accidents.,Most of the pens come with a power cord to assist with the heating process. Once plugged in, a light indicator will let you know the pen is in the process of heating up. When it is ready to use and heated to the right temperature, the light will turn itself off.,A useful feature is the ability to control the speed the plastic filament leaves the pen. This makes it a lot easier to create a detailed statue without using large amounts of plastic.,Are they easy to use?,A great quality of the 3D pen is the complete ease of use. They are really easy to use for the simple and basic projects, but a certain degree of skill will be needed if planning to create the detailed or complex design.,