I am excited to present ways to add your personal touch to your projects with rubber stamps.,Rubber stamps make it easy to enhance all of your gifts, cards, envelopes, tags and more.,Rubber stamping is a great craft! While naturally artistic people can use their talents to produce wonderful results, even people without an ounce of artistic spirit can create great looking things with just a rubber stamp or two. So if you have thought that you could never create a handmade card or embellish a scrapbook page, it’s time to think again!,Rubber stamping is a brilliant craft that both kids and adults can do. This beginner craft tutorial shows you step by step how to start rubber stamping. Combine this technique with other paper crafts such as card making and scrapbooking for wonderful creations.,Here Are 4 Fun DIY Stamping Ideas You’ll Love,1. Custom Signature Stamps,All you have to do is upload an image of your signature and they can easily turn it into a stamp. Presto! Hand signed Holiday cards without the work.,2. DIY Wrapping Paper,Add a personal touch to your gifts with handmade wrapping paper. What’s great is you can make every person’s wrapping paper unique to fit their personality and interests.,Just get Kraft paper and ink stamps. Use the same colour, mix colours, and mix and match stamps to create your own custom look.,If you’re an entrepreneur, why not design custom wrapping using your logo and branding colours for your extra special VIP client gifts?,3. Custom Stamp for Gift Cards,Why stop at the front of the card, when you can use the back of cards for more design opportunities.,Stamp and add decoration to the back of your Cards. It could have a message like “Happy Birthday from the Joneses”.,4. Holiday Cards,Nothing is more special than a handmade Holiday card for any holiday. People really appreciate the time, effort and thought that goes into making a personalized card.,Keep it simple with a rubber stamp, some embellishments and a warm greeting. Make it special by using images and wording with that person in mind.,Finally, when you are done with your holiday stamping projects, organize them neatly.,All that is required to get started stamping is a rubber stamp, some ink, paper or cardstock and perhaps something to add color to the image such as pens or paints..,