Are you looking for some nature-inspired activities to do with your kids? Do you want something different than common indoor activities and outdoor playing? Last week, my four-year-old son was bored in the home as one of his friends was available for playing with him and his time for using mobile phones and laptops was up.,I took out some cheap craft materials and gathered some natural items like twigs, shells, and sticks and tried the ideas I am going to share with you. There’s no need to spend money on those fancy outdoor playground equipment and foam padding for playgrounds for protection.,1. Bird Mobile

I tried different shapes of shells other than flat shells and the results were too adorable. With my experience, I can tell it will increase your child’s imagination and creativity. Hang them up either in groups or individually with pushpins so that they won’t fall off. I tried flock of birds so I advise you that as well.,2. Owl Family with Pebbles

It is an impulsive owl family that inspires kid’s creativity up to the maximum. Use brushes that can be used on small areas as pebbles don’t offer much space for painting. However, brush pens and acrylic paints work best for this purpose. Collect pebbles with flat bottoms so they do not fall and remain stand for long.,3. Paint a Paper Bag

The easiest activity was daisy-printing a paper bag. It’s something you need every now and then for gifting. Plain fabric bags are easily found at gift or craft stores or you can even buy one online. Decorate them with beautiful patterns and make them as alluring as possible. If you can’t find a bag, try painting a white t-shirt.,4. Leaf-Printing Eggs

Kids love collecting stones and leaves. This is the best activity to teach them different leaf shapes as you can paint them on eggshells and decorate them in various ways. You can also try painting different leaf shapes on one shell to give them a new look. Egg shells are usually painted with food coloring; however, I used some delicate pastel colors to make them more charming.,5. Letters with Twigs

Make letters of your baby’s name with twigs and decorate them with ribbons and painting. Place the letters in a sequence on your kid’s bed above his head to personalize his room. You can also ask him to make his BFF’s name once he is done with his own. Adding the recipient’s name in a gift box the same way is also a great way to decorate a gift box.,6. Sun Plaque

Ask your kid to collect different types of grass they can find in the garden. You will be surprised to see how many there are actually. Pick the ones you like the most and use them in making a plaque. Give it a smiling face to make it funnier. It looks amazing especially on a playroom or you can even try it out on your porch.,5. Letters with Twigs,