Why is Cardboard Used in Artwork?

In the world of hyperlinked visual media, high tech, and digitized technology a small number of artists have been observed to start having an interest in the old, off-line and not so precious metals and papers whether it is hand dirtying ceramics or the sudden interest in using cardboard.,Artists have started using cardboard to create aesthetic, conceptual, vibrant and quirky works of painting, sculpture and environmental intervention.,Reasons for the use of the stiff brown paper in the making of precious artworks are as diverse as the works themselves. Since it does not have a specific format that states that it should be used in a particular way, so the artists find versatile ways to express themselves.,The important element of cardboard is its contemporary hipness. Cardboard art ascends, although slowly, in the society due to its economic and environmental advantages.,One prominent characteristic of cardboard is it recyclability if it is not coated with wax or any chemical. This ability to recycle provides several opportunities to reuse the cardboard again and again.,It is used in different forms and states depending on the need of the designer. Most of the times old cardboard that is rumpled often found on streets, is preferred. While some are off the view to use any kind of it in their work.,Different Ways To Use Cardboard In Creative Ways,• Homemade baby and toddler toys

• Cardboard flowers

• Cardboard shapes collage

• Stationary holder

• DIY cardboard hexagon floating shelves

• Jewelry box

• Picture frames

• Makeup box

• Abstract designs

• Hanging art

• Journal from a cereal box,You can use your creativity and come up anything you like there is not a hard and fast rule to only make crafts that are mentioned above.,Working With Cardboard

Here are some ways that you can use to master your skills in cardboard craft,1. Cutting a Cardboard,The first and foremost thing that should be given the most of the attention is that you should know what type of tool to use in order to cut the cardboard in the best possible way.,People often go for using a pair of scissors, well that’s where it goes all wrong, using scissors is undoubtedly not the best way and you end up with a not so clean cutting. X-Acto knives are the best in this field and can be used to cut out detailed designs in a clean and proper way.,For thicker cardboards using a hacksaw is a good option as it works very effectively and is a fast way to cut. Laser cutters are used when complex designs are concerned because they have a satisfying result, but do not end up burning it in the process.,2. How to Get Rid of Frayed Edges,When you cut out cardboard you often have to deal with frayed edges, the rough edges that are caused because of the saw or scissors.,There is a simple and easy trick that can be used to handle these rough edges and that is using a sandpaper. Sandpaper can be used to smooth out the rough edges and you can accomplish in giving your craft a professional look.,3. Painting the Cardboard in the Right Way,The plain old brown looking corrugated paper is not very attractive; paint it to showcase your creative, aesthetical and artistic skills. But people often find it difficult to paint and end up with not so attractive smudgy paint splotches. But there are ways to get rid of this problem.,The best way is to paint it with a base color and then paint it because by doing so the colors will pop up and give neat look. Using white or beige as a base color is a good option making the paint look vibrant and outstanding. Then comes another problem i.e. should one use a matte color or a glossy one.,Well, that is not of a very big trouble you can go with any texture you like but if you want to be on the safe side then mix both matte and gloss and use it. It will give a subtle look to the project. Do not use the same brush for different purposes; do not do the mistake of painting the small designs with a wide brush, the one that is used for the basic painting.,4. How to use a Glue ,Glue often comes in different textures with different purposes we have hot glue, glue stick and Elmer’s glue in the market.,It is a common notion among people that almost any glue can be used for sticking things together, but people also always end up destroying their craft because of their blind faith in that notion.,Hot glue can be used almost everywhere with effective results. It best works when two corrugated papers are to be joined. A good joint can also be achieved with the help of hot glue.,Whereas on the other hand when small joints are concerned Elmer’s glue is a good option. As far as sticking glaze paper, cray paper and foil are concerned using a glue stick can be useful. But do not use it for sticking two thick cardboards because then you will end up with a craft that has all its parts scattered all around and you surely would not want that to happen.,Different Ways To Use Cardboard In Creative Ways,1. Cutting a Cardboard