If you are a crafter you likely already know all the interesting things you can make with string, twine and rope. These materials are usually already on hand and with just a little know how you can make an assortment of things for use around the home. Brighten an old item up or start from scratch, it’s up to you.,In the olden days, women made rag rugs out of bits of fabric that had outlived it’s usefulness as clothing or a blanket. Today we can copy the idea a bit by using rope or string. Pick any colour or any combination of colours and you can create a rug perfect for under the sink, in the bathroom or even for a bedroom. Simply take your length of rope and, using hot glue, keep gluing it into a circular shape. You can switch out the rope for a different colour at any time in the making of the rug to make a pattern or simply use one colour, it’s all up to you. When you are finished you have a functional piece to keep those feet warm on cold winter mornings!,Looking to spruce up that bathroom and need something to match that new mat you just made? You can wrap string, rope or twine around the existing garbage bin to give it a whole new, nautical look. Same idea applies, simply start gluing at the bottom of your container and keep going. Add a stripe of another colour to the middle for a more unique and designer look.,Twine of all dimensions can also be wrapped around simple food cans (that have been used and washed out of course) to make pen/pencil holders for a desk. Same idea applies and you can even glue several cans together after they are wrapped to make a desk organizer.,Macrame is a craft that was popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s which is making somewhat of a comeback these days. It is the art of knotting lengths of string together to make things like shelf or plant holders. There are many, many patterns available on the internet to make all sorts of things, and the best thing is you can change the designs to match your decor, add items like shells or beads and really have a lot of fun with your project.,String isn’t just for securing packages anymore! What will you make next?,