LEGO minifigures are among the most popular and well-known toys in the world. Not only do most LEGO sets come with at least one figure that can interact with the playset or vehicle you’re going to build, the company has also been selling unique assortments of them in small blindly packed bags.,After this concept was introduced, the entire idea of the minifigure exploded in popularity, with many toy collectors hopping on board to see which figures they could get their hands on. After several years the series is still going strong, and minifigures that are exclusive to larger sets also remain as a major selling point.,Let’s say you’ve been in the LEGO collecting game for a while now.,It doesn’t take long before they start taking up a serious amount of real estate in your home.,At some point, you’re probably going to have to get a bit creative with how you store them.,A lot of people are unfortunately forced to start storing them away in bins or drawers, but it’s certainly more fun to have them out so you can enjoy them and even pick them up now and then.,With this in mind, the question arises: what are the best ways to display LEGO minifigures?,1 – Get Some Risers,If you’ve been lining up your minifigures on shelves up until now, you’ve probably noticed that the ones in the back tend to get lost in the shuffle. This is where shelf risers can really come in handy. You can find plenty of these online or even create your own with some cardboard or Styrofoam. There are plenty of tutorials online, but it should be pretty self-explanatory. The basic concept is to create a staircase shape to place atop your shelf, thereby allowing every single figure to be seen.,2 – Create A Diorama,Of course, it might be even more fun to set up all of your figures in a giant diorama! There are no rules here. If you have one of the large playsets like a castle or space station, there’s no reason why all of your other minifigures can’t be thrown into the mix. You can also create your own backdrops, again with materials like foam, cardboard, spare sheets, and a little bit of paint. Even if you only use the plain green building plate, posing every figure in a massive battle can be tremendous fun.,3 – Mount Them To Your Dash,If you have certain LEGO minifigures that you love so much you’d literally be willing to take them anywhere, why not legitimately do so by mounting some to the dashboard of your car? With a little bit of double-sided tape or even glue for those of you more daring, it should be easy to mount any minifigure you like. Just make sure to use the stands that the figures come with in order to protect them. Individual stands can easily be attained online if need be.,Minifigures have added an entirely new dimension to Lego play and collecting. I myself enjoy creating dioramas that I photograph for sharing on social media. And without them, we wouldn’t have had the enjoyable LEGO movie franchise. The tips in this article will help you get the most out of your own LEGO minifigure collection.,