You’ll realize that this material is very great in serving this purpose. You can make customized gifts such as flowers in a bouquet, trees, basketball motives, pumpkins, and much more. Most of the craftsmen choose to use tissue paper because it is affordable. Moreover, it is very easy to cut and shape into desired designs. The result is awesome.,Tissue paper is considered as the most user-friendly art medium which can be used by kids and adults. Thanks to the nature of the material, it will not harm kids because there is no sharp edges or any harmful substances. The tissue paper is usually packed in a large package. You can purchase it in any store or online stores for more options.,It is a very popular material used by children since it can be torn apart easily without using scissors. But for more precise measurement and shape, they can also use scissors.,There are also friendly coloured papers which can be used by small kids under 5 too. Amongst the craft ideas, flowers and the sun are among the most popular types of tissue paper crafts made by children. It is very easy to make the craft. Not to mention the fun activity that you will experience with your children in making the mind blowing craft from tissue paper.,Making the flowers is as easy as taking a piece of paper and crush it into a fan shape. You will be finding many ideas which can make such great crafts.They can be used to create many themed projects from Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, and so forth. These papers are available in different colours and pattern. Some also come with different textures. So you can make any shape as you want as long as you can implement your ideas.,For instance, pink coloured papers can be used to make peaches whereas black coloured papers can be used to create bats. Both children and parents enjoy using the soft paper for craft projects. It is fun and easy to work with tissue paper crafts.,Here are 12 mind blowing craft ideas with these crafty paper that you can do at home

1. Snail Craft from No Time for Flash Cards

2. Paper Plate Rainbow Craft from Happy Hooligans

3. Heart Suncatcher from Teaching Mama

4. Butterflies from Playdough to Plato

5. Mason Jar Lantern from Buggy and Buddy

6. Heart Art for Kids from Fun at Home with Kids

7. Textured Flowers from Buggy and Buddy

8. Mosaic from Artchoo

9. Art from Fantastic Fun and Learning

10. Sticks and Tissue Paper Blossoms from My Nearest and Dearest

11. Clothespin Butterflies from Happy Hooligans

12. Square Collage from Mess for Less,